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Abalone Shell - Medium

Abalone Shell - Medium


Medium size Abalone Shell. Our Sustainably collected abalone shells will bring color as well as function to your smudging practices. Use it to hold incense, burned sage bundles and Palo Santo wood. Abalone shells are believed to bring guidance, and calm your emotions. They are a sacred symbol of the sea, and aid in releasing any negative feelings and ease stressful situations.

  • Return Policy

    Thank you for shopping Sacred Oaks Healing. Please contact customer service for any issues. All sales are final. (Returns allowed for items damaged in shipping process. Customers must reach out within 48 hrs of receiving their shipment.)

  • General Care Instructions

    To cleanse your stone please place in the Moonlite, on selenite, or a dry sea salt bath over night, or cleanse in salt water for a few hours.This can help to refresh them from any energy they may have picked up.

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