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Sacred Oakes Healing wants you to have more from your life. Schedule time with us to learn more about how you can live your life using your full potential, heal yourself, and have the confidence you have dreamed of. We offer this through intuitive coaching, shamanic healing, intuitive reiki healing, and through Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® classes. 


Can we go back to the day before....?

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could go back to just one day before....So many people who have experienced a major life trauma have felt this way. I spent a bit of time feeling this way myself. In January of 2023 I had multiple blows to the head over the course of a couple of days and I found myself questioning myself. I kept on going thinking that I was just fine. Fast forward to the next week and a regular work day went by, I wake up the next day and go to the office to find my world had changed. People were telling me about decisions we had made the day prior and conversations we had. I have always been a person to remember more than the average person. Keeping so much top of mind, but I couldn't remember any of these decisions or conversations. At that time I knew something wasn't right. I had a bit of fear in my heart. The next day I go back to work and it is insane. I cannot focus, I cannot keep up with the Teams messages and emails during meetings, and the headache and confusion was top level. I was a bit stretched at work for a while so I found myself making excuses for where I was. By the end of the day I was questioning myself more. I got home and engaged with my daughter and asked if she could watch the dog for my up coming business trip. She looked at me a bit frustrated and said, "mom you have already ask me if I would do this, in fact you asked me yesterday and earlier today." How could I have forgotten this conversation, multiple times? I got on the phone with urgent care and talked with a nurse. She was quite concerned and wanted me to get checked out. Long story short, I did get checked out later that evening in the emergency department. That's where my journey of self healing began. I was so confused. I knew I had the head blows, but I thought I was fine. Other than bruising and a little bleeding from a scratch I seemed fine, then you realize that you had knocked yourself out. You had fallen and woken up on the ground, then you had more head blows. YOU ARE NOT OKAY!!! I have what I called a concussion at first, and later described as a Traumatic Brain Injury. I was embarrassed to call it a TBI at first because I wasn't hospitalized for months with a brain bleed, I hadn't had major brain surgery. However, when the dates passed for when my doctors thought I would be better and I was still a fraction of myself then I knew I couldn't hide this and pretend I was fine. I couldn't avoid telling those in my life that my journey was impacting my life is such profound ways. I was just a shell of the woman I was before. I wanted to avoid those that knew me because I was afraid for them to see me and think less of me. I was worried they might not accept me. In my life I had been valued for these skills I had, impeccable multi-tasking, memory, analytical skills, leadership, and higher level thinking and problem solving. What did it mean for me now that those parts of me were not working like they had been. Could I jump back into my life in any way since I wasn't the same? We are now almost 9 months since this unfortunate week that I had later wished I could go back to just the day before. I am happy to share a bit more of my journey with you if you are interested. What I know now is that I am so much more than the left brained person I was. I am an amazing human that loves deeply and wants to give back to the world in a way that I appreciate others giving to me while I was healing. I am leaning into this and starting a coaching pathway for those that wished they could go back just one day before. This could be the day before your partner said they were leaving, the day before you were laid off, the day before you found out you had cancer, the day before your loved one died. There are many that wish they could go back to the day before, and if you are one of them then you are not alone. I know and can speak your language, and create a sacred space for you. Together we can find the pathway to more and get you back in the drivers seat of your life. There is more to this life for you! There is so much more to you than the day of your trauma and your pathway of healing. Do you wish you had more? Do you wish you knew what your purpose was in life? Do you want to help others? If so schedule a free intro call and we can see if I might be the right fit for you.

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