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Bringing healing light and love

Into the world while helping you find your life's purpose.

Welcome to Sacred Oaks Healing


Sacred Oaks Healing was founded in early 2023 when the owner suffered a TBI.  As Sara began the healing process she went through a spiritual transformation brining to light her life's purpose. 

As an energy healer/Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master, shamanic practitioner, and sacred rose healer she began working on self healing in addition to her medical care, and she was inspired and devoted to bringing more light and love into our world. Seeing the power of how healing ourselves and changing our world can change the larger world around us. So by healing ourselves we can heal our world. 

Living in a world so divided she wants to unite people through love and understanding. Helping people to heal from life's transitions and challenges through coaching. She will work with you to find your spark and to uncover your life's purpose through coaching. She offers complementary energy healing services to reach your full potential. She believes we are all called to do more, and we feel this longing when our daily lives are not feeding our souls. You have the power to change your life. Join Sara to find your clear pathway forward. 


Sara Anondson

CEO and Business Owner

Life/Spiritual Coach, Energy/Intuitive/Shamanic Healer Intuitive Medium/ Space Clearing/ Reiki Master Teacher (Reiki I, II, III, and IIII), Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master, and Sacred Rose Healer

Sara became a certified life coach in 2006 while working non-profit services. This changed her life. She was better able to understand herself, her personal value system, and the lens in which she views the world. She found that she could better understand how to listen to her clients and look through their lens, and see their higher self. This experience was an honor and has allowed her to support people on their pathway to experiencing more from life. Empowering them to step forward in courage to lead their life with purpose. 

Over the years Sara has coached and mentored business professionals and senior leaders both on her teams and through her consulting work. She has worked as a leadership mentor for new leaders trying to find their way in leadership, while they continue to lead their teams. She has also worked with experienced leaders wanting to better connect with their teams, inspire their teams to reach their goals, how to effectively coach employees, and many other scenarios. 

Sara grew up connecting with her grandmother who passed before Sara was born. This critical relationship and connection exists today and assists her in mediumship work. Sara trained with Echo Bodine to help label and identify her psychic gifts and to open herself to hands on healing. She later trained with, and attended a mentorship program with Carol Lowell to enhance her mediumship skills and healing technique. From there Sara trained with Tina McGee as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and she began teaching Reiki to her clients that wanted to explore self healing. Sara empowered them to heal themselves. 

In early 2020 Sara trained with Mary Newstrom's Spirit Flow, Shamanic Women's Program. Sara has spent the last 4 years digging deeper as a Shamanic Practitioner and Healer. She currently offers spirit release, spirit retrieval, power animal retrieval, and more. 

Most recently Sara became certified as a Sacred Rose Healer and has seen many clients raise their vibration to that of love. Opening themselves to deep healing for themselves and their ancestral lineages. Also, clearing and creating space to attract prosperity and abundance into their lives. 

Sara Anondson
I set an intention for my session to release what was no longer serving me. I could feel the physical release as images of my past came to mind. It was a powerful session, Thank you Sara !

- A. Miller -

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